Day Makeover

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Only $250

For a limited time only, we are offering services to makeover ONE room of your choice – in ONE day!

Do you have furnishings in many styles, colors and finishes and want to pull it all together seamlessly?

Is there one room in your house that just doesn’t feel as comfortable as the rest of your home?


I analyze your space, find the focal points, and rearrange your furniture and accent pieces in the most pleasing and functional way.

We start with an initial meeting. I will come to your location. This is an opportunity for you to see if I am the decorator for you. It also allows me to learn more about your needs, and explain how my services work.

Some of my clients have asked me to manage their design projects alone, some enjoy being part of the process, and some want to do more themselves and use my services as a springboard to create a vision that they then build on. I recognize the need to accommodate my clients in an individual way.

The package includes:


Walk thru


Identify Color Scheme

Furniture Checklist

Virtual Design Floor Plan

Personal Shopping

One Day Install

Arrangement of Current Furniture & Accessories

Note: *The room should be cleaned by the homeowner prior to makeover. Assistance will be needed to move heavy/large furnishings. If I need to bring in assistance, an additional fee of $20/hr. will be charged for that person’s time. 


On the day of the scheduled makeover, you are encouraged to leave your home while the transformation takes place. When you return, you will be greeted by a complete brand new look without the trouble or expense of a full-scale interior renovation.