Weddings! Birthdays! Summer is Here: Get Party Decor Ideas

Summer is here and like most, over the next couple of months – it’s party planning central. Are you in need of quick DIY decor ideas for the next party you host? Here are some projects I’ve done myself and others I’ve researched (I will be using soon). Balloon Wall  How To: What You Need: Balloons, tape, and scissors. Directions: Blow up each balloon in various sizes, big or small. Role tape, so it looks

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Cozy Chic Accent Furniture Ideas

Looking for easy ways to update a room? These trendy accent pieces can add touches of pattern or texture to your living space, and can usually be found at a very low price – if you like to hunt for the best deal. Take a look at these signature accents (we’ve added a few retailers websites where you can buy these items).    

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5 Budget-Friendly Tips to ‘Spruce Up’ Your Patio

Do you ever find yourself closing your patio blinds when company comes over? Or maybe you’ve wanted to re-vamp your patio but simply don’t have the budget to make it look like the oasis you envision? Whether you have a small apartment patio or just limited outdoor space, here are 5 simple and dollar-saving tips that will have your patio more personalized and inviting. 1. Swap Out Your Factory Pillows for Decorative Weather-Proof Pillows Usually

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Spring Colors You Can Stand Year Round

Spring and summer will be gone before you know it. Before you go spending time and money changing your home’s color scheme to match the season, stop and think about choosing neutral colors that you can stand all year long – perhaps color patterns and accessories that could even blend with your Christmas decor. Click on the gallery below to view tips.  

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5 Tips for Small Spaces

No matter how low maintenance your apartment is, one thing is for sure: it’s not as big as you’d like it to be. At least that’s how it may feel when you try to invite more than two people over. Using these smart design and storage tips, you can turn your small space situation into a home that you can brag about. Here are 5 tips to getting the most out of your small space

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